Correction: Some programs cannot be copied to a flashdrive!

Okay, I should always check out what I say before I say it, right??? I was talking with another technologist the other day about copying applications to flash drives and realized after discussing this for a while that not ALL programs will work this way. Some programs (Windows ones especially) must be installed in the registry of the operating system, which means you CANNOT copy them to a flash drive. So . . . I double-checked how Cmap tools operates, and sure enough, it needs to be installed to a program registry on the computer’s hard drive. I was wrong about that one.

However, there ARE portable applications and not all programs require this type of registry installation. Audacity, for instance, is one of those programs that can launch from a flash drive. And there are plenty of others that will operate in this way. However, Cmap will need to be installed on a computer’s hard drive in order to work. So I guess I WILL have to request that this valuable program be installed on public computers at Boise State.


2 thoughts on “Correction: Some programs cannot be copied to a flashdrive!

  1. While it is true that some applications cannot be run in a thumb drive there are workarounds with programs that do run in one. For example, Firefox (and its betas) can be used on a thumb drive and I just read that Zotero can too since it can piggyback on Firefox, with a few tweaks of course.

    Read Zotero’s newest post to find how to run it in portable mode, through a network, and how to extend its capabilities:


  2. Thanks, Memo for the update and info about running Zotero in portable mode. This is a real advantage, since Zotero libraries currently reside on just one computer. However, I understand that Zotero will be offering a server-based version, which will allow and encourage social sharing of resources. I can’t wait!


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