Getting organized with Undone

I read about this program in a post from the blog Verso. It’s called “Undone” and helps you list and keep track of where you are in projects. The neat thing about this software, however, is that it creates widgets that you can put on your website, blog, wiki, so others kind of get a feel for what you are doing (and how busy you really are!) It’s kind of like Twitter, only it helps you focus on projects. It includes the ability to post how long it will take you to complete an aspect of your project, which is something that I tend to overlook. When I really start thinking how long it will take me to do something, I can plan ahead better and know that I will need to schedule a block of time to do that task.

I’m just starting to play around with this program, but it looks like a good possibility for me to easily keep track of what I’m doing, what I need to do, and what has been left “undone.”

How can your students take advantage of this organization tool? Here is what Paul Left, author of the Verso blog wrote:

Undone provides a simple, work-focused tool for managing projects and actions. I can’t help feeling that’s something most learning management systems (LMS) lack, and something which could be a useful part of any personal learning environment (PLE). So I’m interested in a bit more investigation into how a tool like Undone could support learning. Maybe that’s something I need to add to my own to-do list . . .


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