Safari web browser

Most people use either Firefox or Internet Explorer for their browsers, but Apple users are also accustomed to and use Safari, a very clean, streamlined browser. And it wasn’t until I read an article the other day in eWeek that I realized Safari can also work on PCs. While I would never give up my use of Firefox, since it offers so many productive add-ons I use, I also like using Safari for its special features, such as an RSS feed link icon at the end of a URL in the address bar.

Apple advertises Safari as the “World’s Best Browser,” and while they are correct on some fronts (up to 3 times faster than other browsers), it still does not offer everything. What could, I guess?

However, there are some specialized features that Safari offers, which are listed below:

I would suggest trying out Safari and seeing whether these features are things that would make your work more efficient. For instance, if you fill in a lot of forms, the resizable text area and form autofill features might be important assets to you. But I know, for me, I use so many Firefox add-ons, such as Zotero and G-Space, that I wouldn’t want to switch back and forth between browsers.

But now you know if you didn’t already, that Safari is the fastest-loading browser on the market and can also be installed on PCs. You can take it from there!


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