Digital Possibilities for Writing-Based Projects

I need to prepare a presentation on “Digital Possibilities for Writing-Based Projects.” One of my biggest challenges will be in presenting a select choice of possibilities that have the highest likelihood of being possibilities! I need to keep these selections under control, as I don’t want to overwhelm my audience. (I know how easy it is to become overwhelmed by technology choices, believe me.)

Like all good teachers, the learning goals and subsequent project are usually identified before the technology. Then, after knowing what you want the student to be able to do, you can then select the appropriate tool. However, you also can get some great ideas on how to “tweak” a learning activity by knowing about the possibilities of the tech tool. It’s not always a straight, linear path from identifying learning objectives to finding the right tool to make it work.

For my presentation, I’ll be talking about the various cool tools out there (limiting them to 10) and then offer ideas on how these tools can be used. That way, the audience will have some sort of idea of what’s “out there,” and be able to plan for a learning activity or other project with the knowledge that there is probably a tool out there that will energize the learning. So what digital possibilities ARE out there for writing-based projects?

Here are 10 tech tools that should be in every language/literacy educator’s toolbox:

  1. Google Docs Collaborative writing/editing/publishing
  2. Blogger, WordPress Reflective writing/creative writing/essay drafting
  3. pbwiki, Google Sites Group collaboration/problem solving/resource gathering/final written project
  4. flickr, YouTube Photoblogs, Digital Stories, Videoblogs
  5. authorStream, ProfCast, PhotoStory, iMovie Scripted, narrated, multimedia presentations
  6. Audacity Audio recording, interviewing, radio shows
  7. Cmap Tools Collaborative construction, discussion of concept maps, literary analysis
  8. Social bookmarking, collaborative research, class resource gathering
  9. Google Reader, Technorati Feed subscription, tagging of group work for reading/commenting
  10. Zotero Web-based research, using built-in tools to help begin writing research paper

I’ll talk about each of these in more depth in subsequent postings, so stay tuned!


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