Blogs aren't limited to text

Even I need to remind myself from time to time that technology is moving at a rapid clip, and that models keep changing and expanding. Take blogs, for instance. Most of us (me included) think of blogs as the standard, reverse-chronological, text-base platforms such as this blog (WordPress) and other types of blogging software (blogger). But blogs are not just limited to text-based media.

Flickr, for instance, is a photo-sharing online service that allows you to upload and share your photos in a blog-type format. It’s called a “Photostream” and shows your images you uploaded by date and also allows you to write comments to the photos, much like a blog posting. Others can comment on your photos, too.

I’ll admit that flickr is not as pretty as a blog such as WordPress, but it might be a better format for your students, especially if it is a photography class. Flickr provides information on the type of camera used for images and other amazing information. And, you can quickly and easily find photos through searching and tagging.

Another way flickr can be used for blogging is in an ancillary way . . . put a flickr widget on your WordPress blog, for instance and include the RSS feed to your tagged images. That way, your images and any new ones you upload to flickr with that tag will appear in your gadget. (I’ve put on on the right side of this blog to show you what I’m talking about.)

So, keep your mind open to new possibilities, new ways to use evolving technologies. We need to keep evolving along with everything else.


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