I'm back to teaching

My new office in transition!

My new office in transition!

Well, in essence, I never really left teaching. I just went from being a faculty member to working for Academic Technologies (AT) and then back to teaching again, for EdTech here at Boise State. I worked for AT last year, mostly helping faculty integrate and use technology effectively. So, I never stopped teaching.

However, when Educational Technology at Boise State asked me to come back, I decided that teaching undergraduate and graduate students is one of my passions. I especially like online teaching, where I’m not bound by time or space and get to set my own hours. (I still have physical office hours, but most of my communication with students is online.)

I continue to be available for and help faculty because I like to and I can. When someone contacts me with a question about how to use a wiki effectively or what type of recording device to use for a group recording, I instinctively respond. It’s just the way I am . . . I really like to help out.

I have a lot to tell you about what I’ll be doing this year. I have a lot of interests, such as introducing and encouraging more open-source applications, working more with Google Apps at Boise State, identifying the pros and cons of social networking tools in learning, exploring new video-conferencing tools, and simply encouraging faculty and students to go beyond their comfort level when using technology.

For now I’m working on setting up my new office (still waiting for my iMac with dual screens) and reading my students’ introductory posts. (The picture you see is my temporary desk with my MacBook Pro.) However, it will all come together, and I’ll be writing about what I like best . . . using technology in creative, useful ways.

I wish you a wonderful semester and look forward to writing and reading your comments. Have a great day!


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