My Podcasting Plans

You may have read some of my posts last semester about Boise State on iTunes U. It’s a pretty big project and involves research, work, and just doing it. Yeah, just do it, maybe that will be my podcasting slogan.

I have several course sites that I need to create podcasts for. Why haven’t I done this yet? Well . . . I could fire off all sorts of excuses, but mainly I need to have some quiet space in which to record. And a plan. And a script. And . . .

Today when the classroom next to my office with the opening along one side of the wall (does Facilities & Maintenance read this blog?) is empty, I’ll record a few quick podcasts for my two online classes. These podcasts will just provide some answers to questions, talk about what we will be doing in the week or weeks ahead, and invite students to call my K7 number or record a message through Google Talk to my email. I’ll use these questions and comments from my students to create subsequent podcasts that will almost seem as though I am conducting a live interview.

I have a lot of podcasting equipment I’ve collected during this past year, based upon my research on optimal recording equipment for sound quality and price. I am particularly fond of my Marantz PMD 660 that I used with an external condensor mike. The sound quality is sweet and gives my voice a solid resonance. However, when I’m in a pinch and need to record something on my computer, I can use the internal mike on my iMac, which sounds pretty darn good. For info on podcasting equipment and packages, go to Call them and ask for educator prices, which are even cheaper than the web prices. And for a FABULOUS book on how to get started with podcasting, buy Podcast Solutions. It’s excellent.

If you think you want to try out podcasting or have your students, you should contact Eric Orton at Academic Technologies at Boise State to see if he’ll set up an account for you. They are currently working on an iTunes U initiative and have limited accounts to faculty members involved in this initiative. But it is entirely possible if you have a plan and want to use the service, they can help. His email is

And of course, contact me if you have any questions or plans for podcasting at Boise State. I’d love to hear from you.


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