Google Calendar and Thunderbird, A Great Pair!

I’ve been using Gmail just about ever since it came out and then Google calendar. Even though Gmail is a great web-based client, you can have more options from a powerful email client that uses IMAP, which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP is cool because as you work with your email, moving it to folders, reading it, deleting it, whatever  . . . your actions are synchronized with the mail server. So, if you access your email again from a different computer you will have everything in the last place you left it and you don’t have to remember what you did last time. No more trying to remember what mail you’ve read and haven’t, because everything is synchronized across all of your devices, including your cell phone, if you use that for email.

GroupWise also has IMAP capabilities. This means you can use it with an email client like Thunderbird (I think this is absolutely the best thing I’ve seen as far as email clients go) and actually maybe enjoy (well, I’m stretching this here!) reading and writing email. At least Thunderbird does have a good search feature . . . I’m sorry, but the search feature on GroupWise is pretty lame.

So, today in the following video, I’m going to show you how I created a new calendar in Thunderbird from one of my Google calendars. By having the Provider add-on installed in Thunderbird, I’m able to post events/appointments/whatever in either calendar and everything is synchronized. Yes, that’s correct, you can add an event in GroupWise and it appears on your Google calendar that is shared with others. Very handy. But, if you happen to only have access to the Internet, then you can add/change/whatever an event on your Google calendar and it is recognized on your Thunderbird calendar. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Here’s the video:

My special thanks to Dr. Jeremy Tutty for reminding me of Thunderbird and showing me the bi-directional Provider add-on. I am always learning stuff from my colleagues. Good stuff.


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