Synching your iPhone with Google calendar

I’ve been writing about using Thunderbird email client along with Lightening calendar to work with your Google calendars to keep all of your information synchronized and accurate. But what about your mobile devices? The iPhone, for instance, will sync with iCal. But since I’m touting using Thunderbird along with Google calendar to keep track of your appointments and events, how can you use them to update your mobile devices?

Here’s how I update my iPhone calendar (And there is probably an easier way, so let me know your ideas . . .)

I subscribe to my Google calendars in iCal (this is for Apple users, not PC, sorry). In other words, I configure iCal to automatically update with my Google calendar feeds. Then, I simply sync my iCal to my iPhone through iTunes and all of the new dates are on there. I need to make sure that the calendars are either refreshed on my iCal or that I set them up to automatically refresh every so often. (For me, daily would probably work, since I’m not exactly the President of BSU.)

Here’s a screen shot of how I subscribe to a Google calendar in iCal (click Calendar>Subscribe on the iCal menu):

Subscribe to calendar in iCal

Subscribe to calendar in iCal

It’s a quick and fairly easy solution so that my appointments are also on my iPhone.

I’d love to know how you sync your portable device or phone to your calendars, making it as seamless and easy as possible.


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