When technology works, it's a beautiful thing

Technology is always full of surprises . . . some not so good, others better than you could possibly think up. I’ll give you a couple of examples . . .

We recently bought a new home with some features in it we didn’t even know about. However, since I’m a technoid, I DID notice the ethernet plugs in almost every room (need I say that this really turned me on?) and a panel in the garage crammed with CAT5 cabling. In my collection of tech tools, I had a VOiP phone and decided to see if it would work. I plugged it directly in one of the ethernet ports and to my utter and delighted surprise, IT DID!

So, next on my list of surprises was setting up my iPhone using a protocol to sync my Google and Thunderbird calendars (which are already synced, of course) to my iPhone and vice-versa. I thought that the one-way sync (from my Google calendar would work), BUT I HAD NO IDEA THAT SYNCING FROM MY IPHONE TO GOOGLE WOULD WORK! Hallelujah! I now have effortless synching of all of my calendars using Thunderbird on multiple computers, Google calendar from any computer, and my iPhone. I am in calendar heaven!

You can also sync your contacts and email using this protocol, too. So, stay tuned and tomorrow I’ll tell you how to do this. It’s a piece of cake. Honest. But don’t tell anyone about my VOiP phone, okay?


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