Sync your iPhone, Google calendar, and Thunderbird with NeuvaSync

Okay, today’s the day I tell you how I finally solved my problem of how to create a seamless, multi-directional synchronization process between my iPhone, Google calendar, and Thunderbird.

If you haven’t been reading my posts, you should know that I LOVE Thunderbird (an email client) and use it on all of my computers. I use IMAP email protocol, which means that whatever you do on one computer using Thunderbird as a client, is automatically synced with your email program. I also have installed the calendar add-on for Thunderbird, Lightening, along with Provider, a bi-directional syncing service that works with Google calendar. If this sounds all too complicated, it really isn’t. It’s just describing it that is a bit tough.

However, I also like to use my iPhone as a calendar/appointment system. I can easily sync my iPhone through iCal, which pulls my appointments on my Google calendar through an XML feed, but if I use this system, then I can’t push my appointments I create on my iPhone to my Google calendar.

I did a bit of searching online and found a blog that told me about this service called NuevaSync. Here’s how they describe theirselves on their website:

NuevaSync allows direct, over-the-air, native synchronization of certain smart phones and PDA devices with public PIM, and calendaring services including Google Calendar. NuevaSync does not need any software installed on your device because it uses synchronization protocols that are already built in.

Sounds pretty good, huh? So, I signed up for this FREE service, followed the directions on their website in setting up my iPhone and GUESS WHAT!  IT WORKED!!! My iPhone took a couple of minutes at the beginning to pull all of the calendar events from my Google calendar, but it worked! Then, I held my breath, put in an appointment on my iPhone and went to my Google calendar to see if it was there. IT WAS!!! And, to make everything work so easily, my Thunderbird calendar also has this info, too!

So, there you have it . . . a pretty easy and foolproof system to have all of your appointments available from any calendar, synced. You have the flexibility and power to add and edit appointments from any resource . . . Google calendar, Thunderbird, or your iPhone (NuevaSync also supports other devices too), with the resulting information being updated and available automatically. Just to make sure you really understand this, you don’t have to physically hook up your iPhone to anything or sync anything. Everything is done automatically!

NeuvaSync also offers synchronization for Google contacts and they say soon for email, too. Check it out and see if this will work for you. Go to


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