Zotero syncing feature

Zotero screenshot

Zotero screenshot

I must be having a love affair with syncing or something. But once you can get multiple computers to sync the same content, it sure makes life easier. Today I’m going to write about the launch of Zotero 1.5 Sync Preview and how you can use it to sync multiple Zotero libraries.

If you’ve never heard of Zotero, then check it out at www.zotero.org. You should view the videos on the home page and once you do, you will be hooked. If you are doing any sort of research online, zotero can help you save, organize, and format your resources, as well as maybe even get you started writing that paper! Once you save a recognized online resource to your zotero library (and you can create multiple libraries for different projects) you can write notes about that resource . . . sort of like writing your paper.

Zotero is a Firefox add-on, and one of the best ones around for bibliographic management. Now, Zotero has announced a test version of its software with a syncing feature. Once you enter info in your zotero library, it will sync with all of your computers that have zotero on them. However, this is a test version right now, so if you have very important zotero libraries currently, the zotero website tells you how to set up another Firefox profile to use as you test this new feature.

I’m trying it out right now, and of course I’ll get back to you with any info or insights. Here is what the new zotero will do:

Automatic synchronization of collections among multiple computers. For example, sync your PC at work with your Mac laptop and your Linux desktop at home

Preliminary support for local sharing of collections through Zeroconf on OS X. Other platforms and full support to come with the final release of Zotero 1.5.

Free automatic backup of your library data on Zotero’s servers.

Automatic synchronization of your attachment files to a WebDAV server (e.g. iDisk, Jungle Disk, or university-provided web storage).

Support for Endnote® export styles. While the CSL styles utilized by Zotero are a much more robust and powerful long-term solution for styling references, we are happy to offer users the ability to use Endnote styles where there are currently no available CSLs.

A new style manager allowing you to add and delete CSLs and legacy style formats.

Automatic detection of PDF metadata.

Automatic detection and support for proxy servers.

This all sounds great to me, especially the automatic syncing among computers and possible local sharing of collections through OS X. I’ll keep you posted, but right now I need to add some resources to my zotero library!

Have a great weekend.

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