Add color to your browser tabs

I LOVE Firefox 3 and its host of new tools/improvements. If you haven’t installed the new Firefox, go to and get going! And if you’re wondering what all of the excitement is about, then just peruse their top new features page and read all about it.

Since I’m a Firefox add-on addict, I especially like the new way you can search for and install these fabulous little programs that reside on your browser. Through their “add-ons manager,” you can install add-ons directly in your browser, without having to visit the add-ons website. Here’s a picture of what this tool looks like (and if you look at some of my tools, you might be wondering what Ubiquity is. I will be telling you all about Ubiquity soon, believe me!):

Add-Ons Manager

Add-Ons Manager

Ratings, recommendations, descriptions, and pictures of the add-ons in action can help you decide. You can view, manage, and disable third-party add-ons easily and quickly, too. How cool is that?

So, what new add-on have I added? I can’t keep my eyes off it, actually, since it is so colorful! It’s called “Colorful tabs 3.0” and it turns my drab gray tabs into colorful tabs. I didn’t think adding color to my tabs would make me so happy, but it does. 🙂 Here’s a quick screen shot of part of my tabs (I used tabs a lot):

Colorful Tabs 3.0

Color really DOES make a difference! Try out colorful tabs today.

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