Twitter Revisited

I’ve written about Twitter before, but feel the need to come back to it. Twitter (wikipedia definition) is the kind of tool that at first seems frivolous and a waste of time. But it DOES have some advantages, namely to help us stay in touch with others. You can stay in touch with the people in your office, your department, your class, your school, whatever. If you’ve never heard of Twitter before, here’s a good description:

Twitter is a community based website where users post what they are doing at any given moment. The concept is deceptively simple, wickedly addictive and pure fun. Tell friends, colleagues or strangers what you are snacking on, your current interests, favorite websites or just plain goofy nonsense! (from Twitterific website)

But just how did Twitter start? This is pretty interesting (from Wikipedia):

Twitter began as a research and development project inside San Francisco start-up company Obvious in March 2006. It was initially used internally by the company’s employees, and officially launched in October 2006.[3]

The service rapidly gained popularity: In March 2007, it won the 2007 South by Southwest Web Award in the blog category.[4] Jack Dorsey, widely acknowledged as the man behind the concept of Twitter, gave the following playful acceptance speech at SXSW: “We’d like to thank you in 140 characters or less. And we just did!”

In April 2007, Obvious spun off the service as a separate entity under the name Twitter, Inc.,[5] with Jack Dorsey as its CEO.

Yes, Twitter is a very simple application and way to communicate with others. There are applications you can download to your computer that allow you to Twitter with others without even going to the Twitter website. Currently I’m using TwitterFox, a neat little Firefox add-on that resides on the lower-right corner of my browser (like Zotero, delicious, and GSpace) and is enabled instantly when I click it.

You can twitter with your iPhone or iPod Touch and other portable devices. You can twitter through Facebook. Twittering is great for staying in touch with others and letting people know what you are doing or planning on doing. But for someone to follow your “tweets,” they’ll also need to access Twitter from time to time, through whatever venue they want. This, of course, is the catch to all social software applications . . . people have to actually access them!

Here’s some more information about Twitter from their website:

But how do you twitter and stay on task, making the most of your day? That’s a Twitter-question and something I’ll write about next. By the way, if you want to follow me on Twitter, my name is boisebarbara. Don’t be disappointed by how ordinary my days are, however!


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