Opting-in to Google Apps at Boise State

I’ve decided to opt-in to migrating to Google Apps at Boise State. After seeing how OIT (Office of Information Technology) uses Google Apps, plus the power and versatility of Google Calendar, I’m sold. As more departments migrate to Google Apps, I can easily envision accessing shared Google calendars university-wide. It would be so helpful to be able to see what is going on in different areas and not miss so many great events hosted by Boise State. If I could see all of events available at Boise State through viewing various shared Google calendars, I would be very pleased.

So, I’m opting in. That means I can no longer access GroupWise, but for me that’s not a big deal. Besides, I like getting on board early with new initiatives, since it just means I have more time to get used to the new stuff and experiment. I already feel like I have an excellent grasp of Google Apps at Boise State. Now, I’m looking forward to gaining experience using Google calendar. After seeing how versatile and scalable it is (heck, you can even reserve equipment in your department, for instance, using GCalendar), I can’t wait to start working with it.

Right now I’m working on constructing a Google Sites (this is the website/wiki included in Google Apps) template, creating an example of a department Intranet to host communication, files, projects, just about anything that is part of the department. By using a centralized Intranet to publish information, files, announcements, etc., you can do away with a lot of email and other time-wasters. And best of all, you can find just about anything in a flash using the search feature of Google built right in to Google Sites.

Here’s a screen shot of the home page (this is a template, remember) of the Intranet site I’m putting together in Google Sites:

EdTech Google Site Home Page Sample

EdTech Google Site Home Page Sample

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing, and what I’m finding out. As always, you’re welcome to contact me with any questions!


3 thoughts on “Opting-in to Google Apps at Boise State

  1. I’m working on a little web app for admissions through the Printing & Graphics dept which could benefit from public departmental/admissions calendars. It looks like there are several already (and perhaps we’ll get some more started) if you go to Google Apps, Calendar, Other calendars, Add, Add public calendar and search for boisestate.edu.


    Michael Lopez


  2. Thanks for the update, Michael! I’ve been working with my new Google calendar through Google Apps at Boise State and have added several public calendars. I think we’ll see a wider use and adoption of shared calendars through this interface. I need to start educating more people. 🙂


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