Use Gmail Manager and Enjoy Your Day

Do you have several gmail accounts and would like to have them all open AT THE SAME TIME? It used to be that you couldn’t do this. You would have to sign out of one gmail account to access another. But as we all know, what we used to have to take for granted, we don’t have to anymore!

Try out yet ANOTHER Firefox add-on that simplifies your life: Gmail Manager. This cool little application will allow you to have multiple gmail accounts open. Okay, so you might be saying, but I only have ONE gmail account! However, since it’s SO EASY to set up gmail, you MIGHT want to set up other accounts for other purposes, such as a business gmail and a personal one. Oh, and while I’m on this topic, I will announce one of my MAJOR pet-peeves with people’s use of email . . . using their spouse’s email account as theirs. What is going on here???!!! If I receive an email from a person, I expect that person to be writing the email! So please folks, if you are sending emails from your husband’s or wife’s account, GET YOUR OWN EMAIL ADDRESS! You are an emanicated individual, after all!

But back to Gmail Manager, the Firefox add-on. Like all addons in Firefox, you can click Tools>Addons from the browser menu and then simply do a search. Type in Gmail Manager, you should find it, then download it. You’ll need to restart Firefox and then you’ll be on your way to a more efficient use of multiple gmail accounts.

You’ll need to set up your preferences in Gmail Manager, so once you restart Firefox, click the Tools>Addons again and click Gmail Manager on your list of addons to reveal the Preferences button. Click Preferences and then add your gmail accounts. You can even have the accounts show up on the bottom of your browser bar if you want, with a number of unread messages.

Here’s an image of my current browser bottom bar:

The envelope icon indicates one of my gmail accounts and the number 3 indicates the number of unread emails I have.

Try out Gmail Manager and see if it helps you better manage your gmail accounts and time. And then get out and enjoy the day.


One thought on “Use Gmail Manager and Enjoy Your Day

  1. Thank you!! I have 2 work accounts, 1 home account and my school account and I get very tired of checking them all. This brought two of my account together and put them on my browser bar. I have learned so much in the last 3 months of this class. I just hope I can remember it all and keep using this new knowledge. Now if I can just get my husband to manage the home account I will have less to check!!


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