A Plug for the Cool Teacher Podcast

I wanted to let you all know that Chris Haskell (from our EdTech department) and I are doing weekly podcasts, called the Cool Teacher Podcast. These podcasts are designed to help teachers be “cool,” to use current and evolving tools to enhance their teaching and work. Every week we talk about something new and exciting.

We are NOW PUBLISHED in the iTunes Store (where podcasts reside)! You can access our podcast through this direct link. Of course, you’ll need to have iTunes installed on your computer, free download here.

It’s a lot of fun doing these podcasts, especially with Chris. You’ll see what I mean when you listen to them. Chris is fresh, energetic, and a great public speaker. He really drives these broadcasts.

As an added resource for the podcasts, I’ve just begun to add bookmarks to the websites and other information we talk about . . . to a delicious.com accont: http://delicious.com/ctpodcast

This resource will provide a quick and handy way to find the stuff we were talking about. I’ve also tagged each resource with CTP and the episode number, so you can quickly find resources we’ve talked about in a specific podcast. So, for instance, if you want to find the resources to CTP3, just enter http://delicious.com/ctpodcast/CTP3 and you’ll get those resources. Or, just go to our main delicious page and do a search from there on our bookmarks.

If you get a chance, please write a review of our podcast. We’d like to get more listeners and feedback to our broadcasts. We also have a free, call in K7.net number, where you can let us know how we’re doing, make comments, or just as Chris would say, “breath heavy.” He really is funny, and I think you will enjoy this quick summaries of tech tools to help teachers be cool.


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