Presentation notes and navigation through your iPod or iPhone

If there was ever a tool to convince someone to switch over to an Apple, then Stage Hand just might be it. Stage Hand works with Apple’s Keynote (presentation software in the iWork suite) and your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s powerful and simple . . . you download Stage Hand (cost: $7.99) to your iPhone or iPod Touch through the iTunes App Store and Stage Manager (free download) to your computer. Then, the fun begins . . .

With Stage Hand you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control navigating through your Keynote presentation, while also being able to view your narration/notes. If you turn the screen horizontally, you can view the actual slide. Your iPhone or iPod Touch communicates with your Apple computer through a wireless network, either one you can access or one you can easily create on your Apple. By using a wireless network, you are not limited by how far away you are from your computer.

This is the answer to anyone’s prayer for being able to conduct a very professional presentation, while also having discreet access to your notes. You flip through the slides by swiping your fingers across the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can also highlight a part of your slide. Here’s a Stage Hand Quick Start guide that is very handy.

So, if you are already an Apple user and want to be the coolest presenter on stage, spend the $7.99 for Stage Hand and start using it. And if you’re NOT an Apple user, well, you may want to be.


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