Violating a Major Blogging Rule

I’m returning to blogging after the wonderful holiday break that faculty get, only to realize that my readership has dwindled alarmingly. A major rule of blogging is that you need to publish consistently and often, and I’ve violated that rule. So . . . I’m going to need to get back at it and start writing stuff that my readers want to read, such as handy and easy technology tricks and just things I run across from spending a day on the computer, following links to God knows where.

I’ve been on my computer a lot during this break, mostly working on putting new and improved content on our Moodle site. If you want to check out the home page of our EDTECH@Boise State Moodle site it’s You can’t get into the courses unless you have permission, but I’d be happy to share my courses with you if you just ask nicely. 🙂

But now, it’s back to business . . . back to writing good content for my blog and getting readership back and interested. In the meantime, I’m seriously thinking of writing more niche blogs in other areas that interest me. Once you get the blogging bug, it’s hard to shake off. Even after an extended holiday break. See you tomorrow with a technology tip. Good to be back.


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