MMS: Another way of messaging

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving break and the much needed time to stay OFF of my computer. Yes, you heard me right–I actually stayed away from my computer and never went online! However, as you know, it is pretty much impossible to stay away from technology. And since it WAS Thanksgiving break, that meant watching football and the commercials.

One of the commercials that grabbed my attention was about the iPhone and how superior it is over the much-touted and publicized Android phones that are coming out. Apple shows how a user can be on a phone call and at the same time look up information, send messages, and confirm appointments.

In one commercial, the user is talking on his iPhone, checking restaurants in the area using the Maps feature, locates the restaurant on a Google map and then sends through MMS the map to his caller. I think most of you are familiar with SMS, which stands for Short Messaging Service, another name for text messaging. Text messaging has become the messaging of choice for most young adults.

What is MMS? It stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Just think of it as another way of sending a short message to another person’s cell phone (or computer), only this message would consist of something besides typing in text. Send an image through MMS and the person on the other end will receive a message with a bubble of the image (this is how it look on an iPhone anyway). When the receiver clicks the bubble image, it will appear as a full image, ready to be saved or sent to someone else. It’s a very handy way of sending multimedia files.

If I haven’t sold you on the iPhone, take a look at this Guided Tour:

In the meantime, I’m going to now start using MMS more. It’s easy and convenient. Tell me your iPhone stories. I’m still learning how to use it.


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