How Does Technology Help You Stay Connected?

Image by truebluetitan via Flickr

This was the title of a post for a Google Holiday Photo Content (Now officially closed) about how you use technology to stay connected. Since I’m been traveling these past few days, this topic is close to my heart. I spent the last few days visiting my parents, who — now don’t pass out — do NOT own a computer or have Internet service. So how do I read and respond to my email and stay connected? Here are my solutions and some other suggestions that might work for you.

  1. Cell Phones: With an iPhone, you can easily connect to the Internet and read your email through your AT&T wireless network. You can even respond to your email, but with me, I don’t write much. I’m not good with using my thumbs on the iPhone keyboard. And, of course, you can connect using the built-in Safari browser on the iPhone to view any website. So, in an extreme situation without WIFI access, the iPhone comes in VERY handy.
  2. Businesses: If you need to use your laptop for other work (such as Internet access and composing) you will need to get to a place with wireless Internet (WIFI). This is becoming easier and easier, if you are in a town with any sort of population. Barnes & Noble now offers FREE Internet access through WIFI, which makes working, having coffee, and also taking a break to peruse the book shelves a real joy.
  3. Airports: More and more airports are offering free wireless Internet. I think they have finally caught on that it really irritates customers when they need to pay. I found this link that includes information on wireless for 219 U.S. airports: (Not sure how accurate this is, but it is a start.)
  4. Hotels: Most hotels offer free wireless and wired Internet service, so this offers you a great way to get some work done before you get out and play.

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