5 Tech Goals for 2010

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I need to put down in writing my tech goals for 2010. I have set my sites high, so I am limiting the number to five. That sounds like a good number to me.

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My 5 Tech Goals for 2010 are to:

  1. Create a more dynamic and useful business website: I plan to update a static html business site to a drupal site, with a contact email form, discussion forums for my customers, and a very nifty design using the Views module. I’ve been reading and re-reading Using Drupal by Angela Byron, Addison Berry, Nathan Haug, Jeff Eaton, James Walker, & Jeff Robbins. It’s a great book and includes many helpful ways to use some of the modules that you can incorporate in your drupal site. (By the way, Angela Byron writes a great blog, called “webchick.net,” so take a look at it and subscribe if you like it. She is a drupal geek and has been working on the upcoming drupal 7.0 release.)
  2. Expand the marketing and increase business for The Cool Teacher Podcast: I want to create a social networking site for The Cool Teacher Podcast (maybe call it “Cool Teacher U”) where teachers from all over the world can share ways they use technology in the classroom, where Chris and I can market our skills and services, and even include a place where we can sell “I am a Cool Teacher” t-shirts and other stuff. I plan on using ELGG, an open-source social network software for this site. I can’t wait to get started!
  3. Convince Boise State to adopt Moodle as an alternative Learning Management System: I think the time is ripe for Boise State to consider trying out Moodle, especially since we will be getting a Blackboard update soon, which will require some additional training and updating for our faculty. Why not learn how to use Moodle instead? I think we might find a substantial number of faculty who would like to use Moodle. So, I need to get on the stick and write up and present a proposal to Academic Technologies and OIT. Watch more more on this later on in the year.
  4. Update our EDTECH 202 textbook, Digital Age Teaching Skills: The book needs to be updated to include information on Mac OS X. We might also consider taking out some of the content that includes screen shots for software tutorials and refer students to online tutorials, such as lynda.com. The book would contain a smaller number of pages and maybe more useful.
  5. Increase readership of my blogs: I need to be more consistent at posting to my blogs and include material that people want to read. I have been very successful with getting more readers–now I just need to focus on improving my writing, my content, and keep using tools that will provide more links to my stuff.
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