Drupal Acquia: Time to Make the Move?

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Just when I had pretty much given up on the prospect of creating a drupal site for our EDTECH department, I found out about Drupal Acquia (http://acquia.com). Basically, what Drupal Acquia offers is a more complete package of drupal with its most popular and useful modules (drupal offers more than 2,000 modules). Acquia is open-source and free to download and install on your server with a huge advantage for businesses: website support through the Acquia Network (it’s not free, but it’s pretty affordable) and monitoring of your Acquia site.

They also indicate they offer FREE hosting to non-profits who want to promote drupal . . . hm, I wonder if our department would qualify? . . . as well as a very cool service called JumpStart,
a fixed price consulting engagement from Acquia Professional Services.

Here’s how it’s described on their website (http://acquia.com/products-services/jump-start):

In this offering, Acquia will work with your team for five days of side-by-side mentoring and development. Over the course of the week, your team will gain familiarity and experience with the following concepts:

  • Drupal concepts and best practices
  • Acquia Drupal installation and communication with the Acquia Network
  • Requirements mapping to Drupal modules
  • Creation of custom content types and views
  • Design and theming
  • Production architecture and site performance
  • Module development

As the Acquia team reviews each concept, they will work with your team to install and configure an Acquia Drupal instance to serve as a proof-of-concept and as a jumping off point for further Drupal development.

This might be the best idea yet for us getting on board with redesigning our website using drupal, having the support of the Acquia network to monitor and support the site, and also using the initial JumpStart consulting service to put the site together. It’s conceivable that in a few days we could have an entire drupal site up and running, with the knowledge and support to keep it running and doing what we need. 

I think it’s time we really made the move to drupal, creating a more professional, dynamic, and community-driven website.

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