The Power of Blogging

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I received a comment from a teacher in Melba, Idaho, telling me that my blog post “Message to Boise Schools: Open the Internet to Students,” along with a narrated slideshow I uploaded to, “Google Apps for Education,” helped her convince the school district to allow more social software tools to be accessible to students. I’ve included this video in this post. (This presentation was prepared for Boise State faculty, but is very applicable to any school. Also, since this was published, Google Docs has become even more useful, by offering shared folders. I will be doing a new presentation for school district use soon!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is her response to my blog post:

Barbara, thank you for helping to bring education into the 21st century!

On December 14th, 2009, the Melba School Board approved adding email, social networks, streaming video and online applications to our Computer and Network Service Policy!

We used Google Docs collaboratively and shared your video, Google Apps for Education, with the technology committee.

I was elated when I read this comment. This kind of response and feedback validates the purpose and power of blogging, and makes me much more motivated to continue. This decision to enable more social tools will naturally involve a dedication to more learning by both instructors and students, but the benefits will be visible: collaborative learning, feedback, increased social and technical skills, more active and engaged learning, increased creativity in work and projects, pride in original work, efficiency in feedback and assessment, and many more positive aspects.

I am delighted that the Melba School District is taking a stand in equalizing learning opportunities for all students.


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