April Fools: Fun Day for Google

Image via CrunchBase

I started the day with of course going to some page that was associated with Google. I saw the missing vowels and read the Google blog post about the “vowel outage,” and thought that was pretty darn clever. Here’s the blog post “Today’s vowel outage” http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/todays-vowel-outage.html

Apparently there were loads of Google tricks, but another one I ran across was when I was in my Google Voice account. I always am such a sucker for anything printed in red at the top of a page that indicates “something new.” So, at the top of my Google Voice was an announcement (in red) that said “New! Standard Voicemail Mode.” Hm . . . I thought as I blatantly clicked the link . . .


I’m sure the link won’t be there forever, so here’s an image of the page:

Pretty funny, huh?

So, have a wonderful April 1 and don’t play too many pranks on people.

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