Nintendo DSi at Walmart for $169 including bonus game and accessory kit

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I have the new Nintendo DSi XL, which I really like. The larger screen appeals to me, and I like its high-tech exterior. However, for smaller hands and budgets, the DSi is an excellent alternative. Walmart online has them for sale for $169, including your choice of a bonus game and accessory kit. The bonus games are great for younger kids–one of my favorites is “America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking.” This interactive cooking game allows you to search for recipes, create a grocery list of ingredients you will need, and then provides both text- and audio-based instructions. If a younger child is using this, the voice narration can be particularly helpful. You can assign a head chef and assistants and then start cooking! It’s a great way to involve members of the family in preparing a meal and might be just the meal ticket you need to avoid boring your kids to death with the same old meals.

If your child has been begging your for a Nintendo DSi, you might consider purchasing this one or getting the newer and larger DSi XL. Remember, the DSi is not only a touch-screen gaming system, but can browse the Internet, take pictures, record your voice, and is an audio player. You could download a narrated book, for instance, and listen to it on your DSi. I really don’t know why more schools don’t include activities for the DSi. Kids are naturally attracted to the touch screen, the compact size, and of course, the games. You don’t have to take my word for it. Ask any kid.

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