5 Easy Steps to Organize your Office

Barbara's Home Office!

A study conducted by the University of Texas found that people with messy offices are less efficient, less organized, and less imaginative that people with clean desks. Hey, I knew that! In fact, I’ve always found I work best in a clean, clutter-free environment. Piles of paper, food crumbs, and other debris can not only distract you from efficiently working, but can make a bad impression in your department and among your colleagues. So, how do you get started and sustain a clean, organized working environment.

Following are my 5 easy steps to organize your office, wherever that may be:
Griffin Powerdock Dual-Position Charging Station for iPod and iPhone (Silver)

1. Charging station/storage area for iPhone and other media devices.
There are many devices and options available. Just having a space to put your tech devices helps keep your desktop organized, while also providing a handy way to charge them.

2. Digital pictures frame.
Have too many pictures cluttering your space? Consider purchasing some digital picture frames and displaying multiple images on one frame. I’ve purchased both HP and Sony, and I must admit I like the looks of the Sony frames better. It’s a personal preference thing.

3. Store your computer cords, connectors, etc., in a divided storage box or basket.
We all know that various connections and cords are important to have on hand, but hard to find sometimes. Put all of your peripherals, such as cords, Apple connectors, and other connections in a basket or divided tray. Organize the cords by type and use so you can more easily locate what you need.

4. Organize your tech books according to topics.
Go through all of your books and get rid of the old ones you don’t need any more. Then, organize those new books by topics and swear that you will read them!

Product Details 5. Purchase a label maker and label ALL of your folders.
I know this sounds strange, but if you label all of your folders with a label maker, you will actually be able to find them more easily. And while I’m on the topic of folders, I’ll suggest you go through all of your file cabinets and sort through/get rid of old stuff. I am in the process of doing this now and it’s a wonderful feeling. Plus, you’ll find stuff you’ve been searching for!

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