Google Sync: The Easy Way to Sync your Calendars, Email, and Contacts

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A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about a way you could sync your iPhone with your Google Calendar and Mail. At the time, this was a great way to get multi-directional syncing going on between your phone and Google. This process is, of course, now outdated and replaced by a very simple multi-directional syncing process offered by Google. As we know, technology keeps getting easier and easier to use.

If you are a Gmail user (and who isn’t?), you can now sync your iPhone and other mobile devices through a very simple process. It’s called “Google Sync for your phone”:

Google Sync uses the Microsoft Exchange Active Sync protocol, which enables you to post to your calendar either from your mobile device or computer, with updates going in both directions. In other words, if you post a calendar event to your Google account on your phone, that event will show up on your calendar if you access it on your computer. And it works the other ways, too. Google does all of the work for you. All you need to do is follow the instructions for your device. The Google Sync for Mobile page provides links for Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, SyncML, and Windows devices.

You can sync your calendar, along with other calendars, your contacts, and email. So, start your New Year’s resolution early this year and get organized. Sync your calendar, email, and contacts with your mobile device and never miss another meeting.

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2 thoughts on “Google Sync: The Easy Way to Sync your Calendars, Email, and Contacts

  1. Hi Barbara,

    Great post! Technology does indeed move fast.

    I have written a guide which explains how you can take your Gmail setup even further and use it to synchronize all your email (including sent email) on all your computers using Gmail as a central synchronization point. This of course means all your email will also be available on your Google connected phone…

    With this setup you can even mix Apple Mail, Thunderbird. Live Mail and Outlook email programs and always be up to date. And of course whenever you are away from your own computer you can send and read email via Gmail…

    Best part is that the synchronization happens using the IMAP protocol, so once set up everything happens automatically.

    You can download the free guides from

    Have a great day!



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