Top Secret! Publishing and Sharing Unlisted YouTube Videos to a Secret Facebook Group

I am currently collaborating with a talented group of highly-motivated faculty members who are investigating various ways they can use mobile devices to enhance teaching and learning. During a luncheon today, one of the members wanted to know how students could upload videos from their mobile devices and share them with a group–with the caveat that everything needed to be private.


If you’ve worked with YouTube before, you probably know it’s relatively easy to publish videos from a mobile device and then share them with others. However, when you need to keep things private, it gets more tricky.

I did some preliminary research (always my first step, as usually someone has the answer already posted), locating various posts about how to share private videos with other people on YouTube, etc., etc., but they all involved a lot of back and forth sharing and configuring of settings, with the end result not being what I think the faculty member wanted.

Using YouTube as the sole mechanism for publishing and sharing became way too complicated for this purpose. However, I am happy to report there is a fairly straightforward and simple way to do this–all using a mobile device with Internet access, YouTube, and Facebook.

I’ve created a PDF tutorial (using one of my most favorite tools for this, ScreenSteps). Feel free to download and distribute. It is meant to be used by students. The instructor will need to create a Facebook group, email the students with the URL and ask them to join, and then make the group Secret after everyone has joined.

You can download the PDF tutorial from this link: TopSecret

Instructors: To change the Facebook Group settings, navigate to your group page and then click “Edit Group.” You can change group privacy settings at any time, but once your group is “Secret,” no one can view or locate the group.

groupsThis method should work very well, allowing students to complete everything entirely on their mobile devices. This eliminates the often confusing step of figuring out how to get the video off of their mobile device and uses free, web-based tools, while keeping everything private.

Let me know what you think.


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