Fresh New Theme

Decided it was time for a fresh new theme, so I chose this “Esquire” look. If you’ve never used before, you will be amazed at the increasing number of free themes available. They also offer ones you can purchase, but quite frankly, I think the free ones are excellent and just as good if not better.

I also added a “sticky” disclaimer post at the top so there would be no question that this blog is written by me, is not endorsed by my university or department, and only reflects my opinions. Blogs are a place to express ideas, concerns, and personal opinions. That is what makes them so interesting and yes, so powerful in today’s mediated world.

As always, I appreciate my readers and their comments. I will continue to maintain my high standards of writing and keeping you up to date in the world of educational technology. Thanks!


One thought on “Fresh New Theme

  1. I’m a new subscriber to the blog. The posts I’ve read have been very helpful in my program. I’ve had great insights and tips so far.

    However, I must say i don’t like the font for this new blog. I find it a strain on my eyes. Hope it’s not the effects of old age! Anyone else finds it hard to read?



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