5 Reasons to love the new iOS 5 update on the iPad

I updated all of my Apple mobile devices with the new iOS 5 operating system a couple of days ago, and I’m really glad I did. These updates and improvements will make your mobile computing even more convenient and fun.

Here are 5 improvements I’m loving so far with the iPad:

  1. Video Mirroring: With an Apple TV hooked up to an HD monitor, you can now mirror anything on your iPad wirelessly. Think of the possibilities for your classroom–You and your students can easily share with the class whatever is on your iPad, without having to connect any cables. As you explore this function, I know you will figure out many ways of using this seamless and interactive feature.
  2. Tabbed browsing: I hope I’m not the only one who has become confused on how to return to a previous browser page or how to locate a page I had been viewing! Now, when using Safari on the iPad, magical tabs appear, which more closely mimics a laptop experience. I’m loving that feature.
  3. Software Updates: Another time-saving feature is the built-in software update, located in the General Settings. You no longer have to connect your iPad to a computer to get the latest updates. Cool!
  4. iTunes Sync: Again, no need to connect to a computer to sync to your iTunes library. You WILL need to be connected to a wireless network, have your computer on with iTunes open, and have your device plugged in. But this is a handy feature.
  5. iMessage: Now, you can send text messages without having to be connected to a cellular network which means there are no SMS charges! There is one catch to this, however–you can only use iMessage with other iPads, iPhones, or iPods updated with the new iOS 5. But it’s a powerful feature. Again, if you are lucky enough to have iPods or iPads for your students, then you can easily stay in touch with them using iMessage.

At the time of this writing, I’ve found out that there are some issues in updating Apple TV software to 4.4, so I will keep you posted. Of course, you can always connect your iPad to your HD monitor with an Apple Digital AV Adaptor, but heck, I want the convenience of no wires.

Are you using iPads in your classroom? How are you using them and what do you like/dislike? I’d love to read your comments.


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