Finding the Best Tech Tools To Fit the Need

gliffyThis semester I’m trying a new activity that requires students represent the evolution of the definitions of educational technology in a multimedia format. Initially I thought Glogster ( would be a good tool, but the education version that I suggested students use is not very user-friendly. I always try to use free, web-based tools when possible, and the education version of Glogster tries to get students to upgrade to a paid version.

So . . . in the meantime, students made suggestions and I thought of some additional ways one could create visual content to represent this evolution. Prezi ( is one good tool–it provides a sweeping canvas that can be used to represent concepts and how they are related.

Another tool suggested by a student is to simply use PowerPoint, creating a custom canvas like Glogster and then saving it as a jpeg. Good idea and great for students who might struggle with learning new tools.

Another student found an interactive timeline tool, Tiki-Toki (you gotta love these names!), which allows users to create a very engaging timeline. Another good idea.

A tool I haven’t visited for a while is Gliffy, which would be a super-easy and effective tool for creating a graphical representation of concepts.

Finally, I also suggested looking at some tools that could create an infographic (this would be for more advanced users or people who like to experiment a bit more.) Here is an excellent resource describing 10 tools you could use to create an infographic:

So . . . that is where we are right now–moving from Glogster (sorry, Glogster, but your education account leaves much to be desired) to other more user-friendly and/or free tools.

What are you using when you assign multimedia posters or other forms of visual representations of concepts or relationships? I’d like to hear about it, so post your comments below.

One thought on “Finding the Best Tech Tools To Fit the Need

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