Embed authorSTREAM on WordPress

My students are working on a collaborative project this week, tackling a pretty difficult scenario on digital inequality. It’s a lot to ask to complete in just one week–the topic itself deserves more time and then add online collaboration to that– and well, I hope my students will still talk to me after this!

However, it’s summer session, which means a 16-week course is compressed into eight. It’s a great way to obtain 3 graduate credits, but it’s a grind–for both teacher AND students.

I just heard from one of my students about not being able to embed authorSTREAM on WordPress, so I’m writing a post to address that. I find that writing a blog post to answer a student’s questions is a great way to keep posting to my blog, while also answering student questions.

On to the authorSTREAM embed problems—

I tested the WordPress embed code in authorSTREAM and guess what–IT DIDN’T WORK!

So, I did a little digging (took me about 3 minutes) and found a post on authorSTREAM support forum saying that the WordPress embed code would not work on WordPress.com sites. They also stated that the regular embed code would work. Well, anyone who works with WordPress.com knows that any embed code with flash tags will be stripped out–so that embed code will not work either.

What to do? Short codes with the gigya syntax. After all, I figured out how to embed a Prezi using gigya, so why not authorSTREAM?

Here is the syntax I used to embed the authorSTREAM presentation below:

And here is the embedded authorSTREAM:

To locate the file information, I simply copied and pasted the embed code from authorSTREAM to a text file and located the embed src= and copied the information after the “swf?”

You should be able to copy my gigya syntax and simply paste the information after the swf? into the end of my gigya syntax.

Let me know if you have been successful embedding an authorSTREAM presentation on WordPress.com using another syntax or method.


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