ILA Annual Conference Keynote

I’m doing the keynote tomorrow for the Idaho Library Association Annual Conference. I really, really wanted to use a Chromebook, but didn’t get the dongle from HDMI to VGA (most projectors still only use VGA), so I opted for my MacBook Pro and then using Keynote with Keynote remote. However–I built this presentation using Google Presentation and found a REALLY COOL presentation tool called de Mobo that allows you to use Chrome browser and any Android or OiS device to remotely control the presentation, along with displaying speaker notes. It worked very well, and I could see doing this with a Google Chromebook and an Android mobile device. New stuff always happening in the world of technology. If you can think about it, it has probably already been created.

Here is my presentation for tomorrow, which you can freely download and adapt as needed:

I’m looking forward to speaking tomorrow and connecting with Idaho librarians, some of my most favorite people. And I’m not just being nice.

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