One of Best Reasons for Teaching Online

One of the best perks of being an online instructor is that you don’t have to be anywhere specific–you can do your work from any place that has a connection to the Internet. In the real world of Things Happening That You Don’t Plan For, this becomes especially useful.

It all started two weeks ago, when I broke my ankle. Not a major fracture that required surgery or anything–just a small chip of bone sloughed off of my talus caused by the forceful impact and subsequent twisting of my ligaments, resulting from stepping off of a garden wall onto ground that moved from a few inches to a couple of feet. Being unaware of your surroundings is something we should all try to avoid.

The chip is so small that an orthopedic surgeon had trouble pointing it out to me on the blurry print copy of my X-ray–but it was there, and by golly, I sure felt it. This accident not only caused me great pain–it affected my husband, too. You see, it was a Sunday, and he was just getting ready to play golf. Imagine his despair when I told him he had to come home because I had just sprained my ankle. That is real devotion.

Fortunately, my husband is an active outdoorsy-type of person and has been in all sorts of daredevil accidents–broken collarbones, ribs, and also has had knee surgery. Subsequently, he has all of the right equipment–ace bandages, ice packs, Ibuprofen, and most helpful in my condition–crutches. He had to pick those up at his office before driving me to Urgent Care, so I had some time to focus on deep breathing and appearing upbeat and relaxed–even joking that maybe I was making a mountain out of a molehill.

So, that’s the story–I broke my ankle, I can walk, but still need to use crutches to ease the pressure. But the best part of the story is I can still perform my job with the highest quality. I can carry on without skipping a beat. In fact, unless my students read this post, they don’t even know about my “condition.”

And that’s probably one of the best reasons for teaching online.

One thought on “One of Best Reasons for Teaching Online

  1. Hi Dr. Schroeder, I read the post and I now know your “condition” 🙂
    I am sorry to hear about your injury and I wish you a speedy recovery!


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